Review: Toca Social Interactive Football Experience, London

It is no secret that as a family we are sport mad, whether it be watching or playing, synchronised/artistic swimming, open water swimming, running or football. When we recently booked a weekend in London as part of our trip to watch the Euros Women’s Final at Wembley and watch Matilda on the theatre, we knew that we wanted to incorporate a visit to Toca Social too.

Young girl smiling holding a football in Toca Social

What is Toca Social?

The world’s first interactive football experience. It’s basically your own personal booth indoors where you can play various immersive football games.

There are 17 booths (or boxes as they like to call them) plus 3 bar areas to relax in. There are also 3 selfie booths if you want to record for visit for prosperity.

Do you have to be good at football?

Definitely not. I’m hopeless and I had a really good laugh. The better you are, the more likely you are to score higher but nobody really bothers about the scores – apart from bragging rights when you are in there! You don’t even have to be particular football lovers to enjoy a visit here – Its just really having a great time with a football twist!

Teen girl with brown hair choosing a selection on touch screen

How fit do you have to be to play the interactive football games?

I’m not in peak fitness and I could easily have a go at all the interactive experiences. You do get hot though so wear something comfortable and light – There’s a real array of fashion at Toca Social – once you start with the immersive experiences, you won’t care what you have on. Trainers are a must.

What do you mean by ‘immersive gaming’ and a ‘new interactive football experience’?

Its basically a series of games that you programme on a computer screen and then they appear on the big wall inside your booth. Balls are then spat out at you using innovative ball delivery and you have to try to kick them accurately and quickly to hit targets. There is the Toca challenge when you play against each other or in groups. We particularly loved the Atom Splitter game when you start with a big target which gets smaller and harder to hit as the game goes on.

No games are too long or impossible and you can cancel one half way through if you prefer to try another. You can select whether a player is advanced, intermediate or beginner if you have a mixture of abilities – Like if Harry Kane and I were playing against each other! (Although I did find myself saying words like ‘Top bins’ so that basically makes me a premier league player now?)

Where is Toca Social?

Fairly near central London inside the O2. Really easy to get to on the Tube – we had never been inside the O2 before as we tend to go to music events up North so it was great for a look around afterwards too.

Pre teen girl about to kick a ball at the back screen at Toca Social

What is the food like?

It has a modern americana-inspired menu – basically easy finger food, like crispy chicken wings and fries. The bar has a full array of drinks options making it somewhere that you can go before and after your allocated time for social activities or for post-work drinks if you are lucky enough to be local residents.

Food is available to pre-order which is a great idea as evenings in particular can get quite busy.

How much does it cost?

Toca Social is booked on an hourly rate or you can book for 90 minutes if you are a party of more than 6 players. You are asked to turn up half an hour early (We didn’t need to turn up as early as we did but its comfortable to sit around the bar areas. There are foosball tables and plenty of arcade machines to keep people occupied.) I expect the early arrival time is probably more important for larger groups.

Prices range from £50 per box – You don’t need to pay person and each box can fit up to 12 players (Up to 15 players in the daytime for under 18’s). When you are in there it feels like a really private box as you are so immersed in the soccer experience.

Can I cancel my booking at Toca Social?

There are free cancellations if you contact them up to 48 hours before your booking.

A selection of images from inside Toca Social and the outside wall

Is Toca Social anywhere else than just London?

No, so far Toca Social only has one location at the O2 in London. This is the first venue of its kind in the UK but there are similar venues in the US. We are really hoping it comes to the North soon as we would love to go back.

What age is Toca Social suitable for?

Daytime sessions are suitable for age +. Evenings sessions are reserved for 18+ after 4pm on Friday/Saturday and after 7pm on other days.

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. It does not have a minimum age requirement but under 5s may struggle to play most of the games. This really is fun for the whole family though – Grandparents would love a go at immersive football-based gaming but might soon move over towards the world class bars for the unique cocktails on offer!

Is Toca Social suitable for parties?

Yes, I wish we lived closer or we would have so many parties there. Birthday parties, football club parties and even stag and hen dos would all have the perfect day. In fact, the day we went we met Diversity there on Jordan Banjo’s stag do.

What are Toca Social’s opening hours?

They are open 7 days per week, all day until 11pm Sunday to Wednesday, until midnight on Thursday then 1am on Friday and Saturday.

2 girls smiling for a photo with Perrie Kiely of Diversity

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  1. What a fantastic place and concept! It’s actually quite reasonable per booth for up to 12 players, making it awesome for a birthday party idea! You guys look like you had so much fun… TBag certainly does! 🙂 An awesome memory of a London trip! Sim xx


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