Shopping, Murder & Dancing #LittleLoves

Wizard of oz Ruby Slippers Birthday Cake

Well, the summer holidays are finally here! All my plans of being super organised by the time school broke up went out of the window but I don’t care. I’m just really glad that I’ve got my girls back to myself. We are all exhausted and in desperate need of some beach relaxation – Not too long now! Here’s a look at our #LittleLoves for over

What I will be reading this summer

Summer Reading

I promised last week to share my planned reads for over the summer – We are away on 2 holidays and that is when I do most of my reading (I do talk to my family, honest!) I’m a quick reader so can whizz through a book in a day sometimes and still manage to play on the beach with the kids & indulge in

Dancing, Moving School & Gilmore Girls #LittleLoves

Pink SuperDry girls' coat

Every July, I get overwhelmed by the girls’ activities – I say every single summer that I am not going to forget and take too much on the following summer. I’m not going to leave the holiday preparation until last minute and I’m definitely not going to get behind on cakes. Guess what? I forgot! There’s barely a parent I see around that isn’t feeling

Walk of Art in Horsforth, Leeds

Walk of Art Horsforth

We had a lovely weekend – The sun was out for most of it which helps but we came across a great initiative in Leeds that made it even nicer. We travel 60+ miles to Leeds every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time, I take Millie to training on my own but every now and then we all squeeze in the

June Reads – Monthly Book Reviews

June reads Monthly book reviews adults fiction literature children's books

Time to have a potter around the books that the Costello family read last month – I started off strongly and whizzed through 2 books within a couple of days but sadly the rest of the month conspired against me. I have been spending a lot of time around the internet bookosphere (I made that name up, its not really a place but oh I

Hungary, Cakes & Birthdays #LittleLoves

Millie Abi Synchro England Talent

There is so much going on in our lives at the moment, it is really tempting to give up trying to find time to write about it. I want to be able to look back on these times though and appreciate the girls still being relatively young and having so much excitement in our lives. What better way than through the #LittleLoves roundup? Read I’ve

May Reads – Book Reviews

May Reads Book Reviews

I’ve decided to make a change to my monthly reading reviews – Our sister blog, Casa Costello is getting a lot more foodie and the time has come to move the Costello Family book reviews over to here, 2 Adults 3 Children. After all, its what a family and lifestyle blog is for, isn’t it? I’m slightly late with my May book roundups because I

Ways to buy a washing machine in style

Buying a washing machine

I’m irritated. In fact, I’m kicking myself. Let me tell you a story about buying a washing machine (Stay with me, it gets slightly more interesting!) So we need a new washing machine. Ours has progressively got worryingly loud over the past few months. You know, the sort of loud that you have to arrange phone calls around your wash cycle because you simply can’t

Crochet 2016

Easy Crochet Snowflake

I’ve thrown myself headlong into Secret Santa gift swaps this Christmas. Most of the ones I’ve signed up to involve an element of sending something homemade. I am determined that this year I won’t revert back to the safety of sending a homemade Christmas Cake. I’m so pleased with my homemade gifts so far – I hope my recipients are ok with them. They are

What will you do with all your time?

Early morning synchro sessions

This is the question I got asked most when people realised Tara was starting school. To be honest, I didn’t exactly know how to answer. We are now at the end of the first half term of all 3 Costellos being in school and I will admit to thinking I would have a bit more time than I have. The fact that I started writing